22 May 2010 13:18

Why Ad Blocking is devastating to the sites you love

Yo seguiré bloqueando la publicidad hasta que dejen de poner publicidad agresiva: sonidos, pasar por encima y se despliega, se pone encima de la web…

On Being an Intelligent Designer

So here’s the thing: evolution is exactly the opposite of intelligent design! Evolutionary theory was developed to describe how a “Blind Watchmaker”, acting purely through chance variation with no intelligence whatsoever, could produce the various species of plants and animals. So when I say that my project has “evolved over time”, it literally means, “We randomly threw crap at the wall, and this is what stuck.”

Larissa Meek » Web Design: School or not to School?

These days, a lot of designers are self-taught and it doesn’t really matter what school you go to. What matters are abilities, dedication and a solid portfolio of work.

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