4 September 2006 17:17

A la estela de lo que comentaba sobre: tecnología que ayuda a tu religión y distribuciones linux estúpidas; pero en especial recordando que YA EXISTE otra distribución cristiana (el mundo está loco, en vez de colaborar cada uno hace lo suyo). Se nos presenta otro sabor de Ubuntu:
Ichthux, una distribución de Linux exclusiva para cristianos
A destacar algo tan estúpido como retirar las palabras daemon o abort (la pregunta es, de donde? de los manuales?); me resulta tan estúpido como el nombrado de programas de manera “novedosa” que introdujo Linex.

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  1. Raphink dice:

    Ok I’m sorry I’ll be writing in English because I don’t really feel like making an effort to answer such a post…

    I guess it’s a habbit of some people to post news without checking the source.
    Had you checked about Cristux for example, you would have found out that it was inspired by Ichthux, which was created a year and a half ago. So saying Cristux _aready existed_ is quite clueless…

    As of creating distributions, which one(s) do you contribute to?
    I’m happy to receive comments on the use of new distributions when they come from distro makers, but to have simple users complain about new distros is something I really don’t get. If you don’t want to use them, just don’t use them. If you think the existing ones don’t improve fast enough, go contribute! We strive for help in open-source development!

    Last point… Please check your sources on the removal/modification of commands names. It’s easy to build myths, and even easier to repeat them. We have done no such thing as renaming the unix commands. This actually comes from a fake created some years ago under the name of Jesux.

    Hoping you’ll inform yourself better in the future, and get to respect the work of others a bit more 🙂



  2. yon dice:

    Hi Raphink,

    first of all, I have to beg your pardon, I’ve missed this time to check and contrast the sources of information (I usually do most of the times).

    Sorry, but I don’t get the point to do the effort of make 2, 3 o N distros for the same target of audience (this time christians, other time school students, university students or houseviwes…). I think is better to contribute making a good one of each flavour than missuse your hard work in a competitive aisolated mode. Maybe your distro was the first, well, don’t mind if I thought the other was the first, maybe the the Cristux project it’s a bad idea if they haven’t tried to collaborate with yours.

    About the modification of commands, I just comment about the information in my only source (again sorry), but saying I didn’t know where, it just remmembered me of another case (Linex) that was really bad decision, and my blood was boiling. Also, Jesux? Another christian linux distro??

    PS: Don’t matter you write in english, thanks for your comments and for your effort contributting the open source.

  3. Raphink dice:

    Hi Yon,

    There is no effor to make N Christian distributions. I began Ichthux because there was absolutely no other project doing it. Jesux is a bad joke from some years ago, Ubuntu CE was created afterwards aswell as Cristux.

    Now as of contributing to what already exists, among all the Christian distros that exist currently, I think Ichthux is the only one to do it. Indeed, we are Debian/Ubuntu developers (I am a core Ubuntu developer myself) and care to include Ichthux packages inside Debian/Ubuntu and work directly in these distributions. In the end, we are developping Ichthux as Kubuntu/Xubuntu/Edubuntu are developped: from within Ubuntu. In any case, we do not fork or do an isolated work.

  4. yon dice:

    Thanks for your reply, it make me have a better look of the collaborative effort is to make packages in the Debian/*Ubuntu world. But it seems hard to understand for me the enormous quantity of same-target distros.

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